Western Wisconsin Speed Team


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Western Wisconsin Speed Team

A Proud Member of

US Speedskating

Sponsored in part by the US Olympic Committee

We are skating at La Crescent Ice Arena most Saturdays. Check our open Face Book site for weekly times.



For schedule changes please check our website before coming out to skate!



Ice speed skating is an exciting sport where skaters, typically from the aDuring dDges 5-70 all skate on the same team. No one is left on the bench!  At team meets,skaters compete to their age division, but at practice skaters are skated to skill, to maximize their potential. We will only be able to accomidate up to 40 skaters per session with priority to US Speedskating members.

Western Wisconsin Ice Speedskating team is a member of US Speedskating. Our inline team is independent of US Speedskating. Our team's assume no liability and acknowledge that injuries and death can occur in skating. Helmets are always required; and on the ice, neck guards, shin/knee guards,  and gloves are also required. Protective shorts for boys/men are recommended as well as safety glasses for all. Kevlar suits are highly recommended on the ice, as well.